Nature Walk – Ampang 2008 Vol.2


Here’s another shot I took in the early morning, just before the sun comes up. I remembered that it started to rain a bit, but I brought a cloth to cover my DSLR and continue shooting. Luckily my D200 is weather-sealed from the slight rain. Taken with my trusty Tamron 90mm which I enjoyed using very much.



One great thing about taking pics of bugs in the wee early hours of the mornings is that they are not so easily spooked. As long as you don’t make drastic and noisy moves around the bushes, they will pretty much stay put and let you take their pics. This pic of a moth was taken with my Nikon 70-300mm VR lens.



Besides bugs, I would normally be on the lookout  for unique plants and flowers to photograph.  I have yet to go into the hills and jungles to take pics, and I am sure there will be much more wonderful plants and bugs to photograph out there in the wild!



I guess I mentioned before that taking pics right after the rain makes the colours ‘pop out’ and the water droplets really adds up to make the photo look great. Another pleasing shot with my 70-300VR lens. I guess I should take this lens out more often.

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