Quick dinner at Wang Chiew

I recently went for a quick dinner with some friends at Wang Chiew restaurant at Damansara Jaya before my regular gig nearby. I found this place through a recommendation from a friend and decided to try their food. It is generally a simple one shop lot Chinese restaurant, with no frills and decor. Let’s hope the food is as good as my friend said it was….


Although it is just a one shop lot place, the interior is quite spacious. I guess it was a weekday and there was not much crowd during dinner.  Lucky for me, because I personally don’t really enjoy eating at small places with large and loud crowd.  LOL!

Their menu is pretty simple and straight forward. No fancy fonts and photos…

First dish we ordered that came (in 10 mins…which was fast) was their house specialty Tofu with mince pork. Taste wise… quite good. I’d give it a 7/10.

Next was the Fish Head Curry. This no-frills dish is a standard in most chinese restaurant and was recommended by the waiter who took our order.  I was hoping it would be great but was disappointed that the curry tasted a bit bland. I must say I have tasted better Fish Head Curry at a food court stall recently. 3/10…edible but not great.

Lastly, we had their fried chicken wings. Taste was just okay, not great. The chilli sauce did not help either.  Overall, we didn’t enjoyed our meal there despite recommendation from a friend. Perhaps we didn’t order their house specialty dishes. I will definitely try to visit the place again for another dinner trip to try out other dishes, and hopefully it will fared better than this.

5 thoughts on “Quick dinner at Wang Chiew

  1. The food there is terrible. I called a fish and they cooked it with burnt oil. We were charged RM120 and they refused to give a discount. The fish smelt like petrol.

    1. I must agree that the food there is sub-standard. I don’t know why a friend recommended me to go there. Perhaps I have tasted much better chinese food elsewhere.

  2. I passed by that place and found out that the name’s been changed. Looks like they have gone bankrupt serving such terrible food.

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