Mum’s Place Restaurant

About 3 weeks ago, me and a bunch of my friends decided to check out a seafood restaurant at Damansara Perdana which I am told, serves very good seafood. But unfortunately it was closed on that day. So we decided to go to another restaurant nearby called Mum’s Place for dinner instead. It is a nice, cosy restaurant with ‘antique looking’ wood surroundings and warm lighting. Anyway, to cut to the food part, here is what we ate…

First dish that arrive at our table was the ‘Portuguese Devil Curry’, a famous chicken dish a-la Malacca Eurasian style dish. Although I am a bigger fan of pork devil curry (which I ate back in the days when I often visit my Malacca Eurasian friends), this dish tasted really good here at Mum’s Place. In Malay language, I would say ‘cukup rasa’ which means ‘adequately tasteful’. 8/10

Service was quite fast and next we had ‘stir fry sweet potato leaves with belacan’. Taste was good but I felt it was a little too oily for my taste. 6/10

We also ordered the ‘Fried Cencaru Fish with Chili Padi Paste’. This dish was the super spicy, although it tasted quite good. The chili padi made my whole mouth numb and I had to gulp down 2 glasses of warm water to expel the spiciness. LOL! A bit pricy for a simple fish dish which is rm 37+. Taste wise I’d give it a 6/10…slightly above average.

Up next was the Grilled Large Tiger Prawns. The prawns were fresh and juicy, although I’d wish they were bigger. Well I guess you can’t complain much about that if you’re eating in Klang Valley. For RM63+, this dish is a overpriced IMHO. 7/10

We also had one serving each of the Tom Yam Seafood Soup, which I must admit was quite good. Not too spicy for my taste bud and full of the Tom Yam flavor. Will definitely order this again if I ever visit this place again. 9/10

Dinner will not be complete without some sweet dessert especially after a spicy meal. LOL! I ordered this one…Sago Gula Melaka with Cendol & Chestnut. Very nice dessert!… sweet and creamy (from the gula melaka and coconut milk). 9/10

One of my friends had the Mango Pudding with Ice-cream. I sampled a bit of the dessert and it tasted okay, but not great. 5/10

Another fiend tried the Green Tea Ice-cream with Red Beans. I am not a big fan of green tea ice-cream, so can’t really comment on that dessert.

We had quite a good meal at Mum’s Place although some of the dishes were a bit too pricey IMHO. Nonetheless, a great place to bring your ‘expat’ friends to sample the local Nyonya / Peranakan food without going all the way to Malacca. Will plan to check out other Nyonya food outlets to compare in the future. Cheers!

Mum’s Place Restaurant.

Jalan PJU 8/5A
Damansara Perdana, 47820, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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