Big Bad Wolf Books!

Yahoo! Just got back earlier this evening from the ‘Big Bad Wolf Books’ warehouse sale. Spent an awesome time there browsing the books selection. Before I knew it, I was actually there for about 4 hours. Time flies when there’s some much books around! Did I say it’s really cheap! New and old books going from RM5, and lots of books for RM8-15 each. With  savings and discounts of up to 90%, no wonder tons of people are flogging there to buy!


The huge warehouse at Hall A at MAEP (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang) Kuala Lumpur is an ideal place for the book sale. They have ample parking, free tram ride to the main entrance, air conditioned hall and also a few food stalls food stalls outside the hall. 


Lots of people there, even for a weekday. The crowd swells up after 5pm. Luckily I was already done with my selections by 6pm.


My ‘loot’ of books after leaving the hall, on the tram ride back to the carpark. If I had more time this weekend, I may want to go there again. There are still some sections I haven’t really covered. I hope they will have the book sale again next year. Looking forward to it!


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