Great steaks at El Toro!

I was recommended by a friend from Subang Jaya that this place serves very good steaks. So I decided to go check this place out one Saturday afternoon. El Toro is located at Subang Avenue, a new shopping area in SS16, next to the Carrefour.

Here is a view of the entrance, which can be seen while you’re driving in front of Subang Avenue. Since it was new when we went there, parking was still free!

Upon entering the restaurant, you can see this picture at the right. Now at least I know which part of the cow that my sirloin came from. LOL!

We were greeted by the friendly manager/proprietor, Mr. Adrian Sani, who handed us their simple menu. Since I am a steak newbie, he was very kind  to explain the basics about steaks, the types of meat, differences between grass fed and grain fed meats etc.

As you can see, the restaurant is quite spacious… and lucky for us, it was not packed with patrons (did I said it was a Saturday afternoon?). Mr. Adrian also mentioned that his place is quite full during dinner time, especially during weekends.

They even have a butchery display area for customers who wish to buy the meats to bring home to grill it themselves.  Sounds like a great idea for those planning barbecues parties!

Firstly, we ordered the ‘Black Angus Sirloin’ – grain fed…about 350g in weight. I was told that grain fed meats are more tender and tend to have more fat in them. Cool! Well I’m a newbie to steaks and all I can say is this steak is awesome! The Best I’ve had so far. Also comes with a wonderful side serving of salad.

We also ordered the ‘Mixed Grill’, a sample of meats. The lamb and beef bacon tasted good. The beef and sausages were okay.  Overall, a very good and satisfying meal indeed. Comparing with other ‘high class’ and ‘branded’ steak outlets, the prices here are quite reasonable.   I will definitely go there again. Next time, I will bring a larger group of friends so that we can share and sample other different cuts of meats. If you love steaks, check this place out!

El Toro – butchery and grill,

SG-07, Subang Avenue, Pesiaran Kemajuan,

SS16 Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.

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