Lau Heong seafood restaurant at Sentul

The ‘Food Tasting’ gang strikes again! This time, we managed to get a bigger group of friends to go check out Lau Heong, a famous restaurant at Sentul, Kuala Lumpur. This trip was planned when I mentioned to a friend KH Wan, that I would love to taste good fish head curry but not sure where’s the best. He recommended this place and managed to planned a ‘makan’ trip on a weekday among our foodie friends.


A view of the entrance. The place is quite busy with patrons and tables were placed right out to the five-foot way. My friend KH had made a reservation earlier and got us all to sit comfortably upstairs (where there’s air condition).


Our food orders came quite swiftly. A huge clay pot of ‘Fish Head Curry’ was the first to land on our table. I must agree with my friend KH… This is one of the best fish head curry I’ve tasted. Very flavorful curry gravy and fish was fresh; quite meaty for a fish head dish. I loved the curry so much I finished the last bit of the curry! LOL! 9/10


The grilled prawns was next. Served on a banana leaf and filled with their special gravy sauce. This one tasted great too! 8/10


Another dish was the grilled squids. Not all of us enjoyed this dish and was the last to be finished. I guess the squids were a bit too ‘rubbery’ and plus there were also many other mouth-watering dishes on the table! 6/10


Next came the ‘Pork Knuckle’ fusion style… Deep fried pork knuckle German style with a special sweet sour plum sauce. This is one of their signature dish too and every table at the restaurant had one! The meat was crispy and with the sauce, a perfect combo. In fact, it was so good, we ordered another one towards the end of the dinner to savour it with our whiskeys and beers! Woohoo! 9/10


Our second knuckle. Here, another buddy Jon ‘rationing’ the portion for everyone… LOL!


Another wonderful dish was the Deep Fried Chicken Wings. One of our friends mentioned that it was crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. The wings were well marinated. Very well made dish… Simple but good.


The ‘Siong Thong Lala’ was equally great! A spicy clam soup with a hint of Chinese herbs and rice wine. I must admit that this is one of the best ‘Soing Thong Lala’ Ive tasted so far. 9/10


The fried Tou Foo was okay. Some of us loved it, but some said it was just okay. For me, I’ve tasted better ones at previous food outings. 5/10 Besides that, we also had two servings of stir-fry green vegetables, ‘sweet potato leaves’ and ‘Hong Kong Kai Lan’. I didn’t manage to take the pics because by then, I was already busy chomping the food on my plate. LOL!


Here’s a pic of the gang, with all smiles after a great meal! Wow! So many good food in one sitting. I must say it was a worthwhile trip to this place! Plus it’s always great to have a big group of friends to go food tasting! Will look forward to the next outing with my foodie friends soon!


Lau Heong seafood restaurant

43A-0-9, jalan 3/48A, Sentul Perdana,

Bandar Baru Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4042 7857

2 thoughts on “Lau Heong seafood restaurant at Sentul

  1. Hi Ruben. So sorry for the late reply. Been busy with work and trying to revamp my webpage and FB page. The last time we went that restaurant, it was quite pack especially during dinner. I’d advice to go earlier say 5.30pm to get a table. Not sure if they take reservations.

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