Fried Noodles at Restoran Millennium 86

Fans of  Hokkien Mee will probably know this famous noodles restaurant which is situated at Petaling Jaya’s Paramount Garden but being a newbie to the area, I only knew of this place when I was brought there by friends who claimed that their hokkien mee is the best. Let’s see if my taste bud agrees with the critics!


A view of the signage and entrance to the restaurant…


The cook uses a combination of charcoal and gas to fry the noodles, which supposedly make the noodles tastier.


First, we had the Hokkien Mee, with lots of fried pork lard (upon the requests of one of my buddies). Tasted quite good but not really up to my liking. It was a bit too wet, and I’d prefer it to be a bit dry (less gravy) but it’s just my personal liking. Rating:6.5/10


Next came the Yee Mee noodles hokkien style (Mun Yee Mee), which tasted similiar to the first dish. Rating:6/10


Lastly, we had the Cantonese Style Fried Kway Teow, which was quite good! Rating 7/10. I’d say overall, the food here was okay, but not great. Luckily the chilli paste (sambal with belacan) that came with the noodles was quite good. If not, the food would have been quite bland.  Will post more Hokkien Mee reviews when I visit the other famous stalls at Jalan 222 area and also at Petaling Street. Happy food hunting!

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