Penang Street Food Experience part 1

As you may already know, there’s a plethora of blogs out there about Penang’s street and hawker foods. Here are a few places I came across during my previous visit there for work. I will post more about Penang’s hawker food when I visit there again (hence the part 1).


Line Clear Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar Line Clear has been around for ages. Situated at the junction of Chulia Street and Penang Road, Line Clear has been a favourite haunt for patrons who crave for Nasi Kandar (Indian Muslim rice with curry dishes). Here is a pic of the proprietor or perhaps manager (not really sure because he’s too busy serving).


Here was what I had on my plate or rice…. Ayam Madu (Honey Chicken), Kari Sotong (Calamari Curry) and Fried egg (which was not really visible here) plus a variety of curries all over the rice. Looks messy here but tasted great! Price was between RM8-10. Not cheap here but the same elsewhere as food prices in Penang has been escalating in recent years. Rating 7/10


A quick shot of the boss posing for my camera while serving customers who were lining up to place their order. Looks like the Line wasn’t Clear that evening (LOL!) which was good for business!


Food stalls at New Lane (Off Macalister Road)

Here’s another well known location for folks who visit Penang and crave for great hawkers food. This place has endless rows of stalls by the road side and also at the corner coffee shop. It’s impossible to try every food at one sitting, even though I went there with a big group of friends. Pictured above is the porridge stall with rows of fried pork innards dangling in front. May be gross to some. LOL!


Porridge with fried pork innards (Chee Chap Chuk) was the first thing I ordered. It may sound gross but I must admit that it tasted good! Not for the faint-hearted LOL! RM4.50 Rating 8/10


Penang’s fried kway teow was next on the table. Portion was small and came with a paper plate and disposable chopsticks, which I don’t really enjoy using although it is more hygienic. Tasted okay but not the best, which I had at Lorong Selamat (will take pics the next time I visit there). RM4.50 Rating:5/10


Another well known dish is the Penang Chee Cheong Fun, which is served with thick prawn paste gravy and chilli paste plus a dash of sesame seed and oil. RM? Rating 5/10


We also ordered a plate of fried chicken skins and bishops nose! Probably not to everyone’s liking but interesting just to try it once. By the way, the flour / marinate tasted like KFC. Rating 5/10.


New World Park Food Court

A fairly new addition to Penang’s list of food haven, this place has been getting more and more popular in recent years. It’s located at Swatow Lane, Off Jalan Burmah. One of the reason is perhaps the covered eating place with high ceiling which was cooler during the afternoons. Another is the ample parking space at the back of the food court, although you have to pay for parking.


First we had the Penang Rojak Pasembor, which was awesome. The best I’ve tasted so far but I guess there are other better ones over there. RM? Rating 8/10


Another dish not to miss is the Penang Lor Bak. There are so many versions available in Kuala Lumpur but if you want authentic taste, Penang is the place to go. Rating 7/10


The Noynya style Otak Otak is also quite interesting. Very flavourful and rich in taste. 7/10


Penang style Curry Mee is next on the table, although we chosed vermicelli instead of the yellow noodles. Penang’s version is with the light santan (coconut milk) gravy. Tasted so-so only. 5/10


For drinks, don’t forget to order Penang’s famous Pat Poh Peng (a herbal drink) and Kopi Peng (local ice coffee).


For dessert, we ordered the Cendol which was great after a heart meal! 7/10


The food court was quite busy with hungry patrons during lunch…


Yikes! That’s yours truly, chomping the delicious hawker foods.  I actually gained 1 kg after 2 days of eating! LOL! Will post more about Penang the next time I visit there…


All photos in this post taken with The Canon Powershot S90.

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