Mini Pizzas and such at Tease, Subang Avenue

Tease at Subang Avenue is currently one of the outlets that I performed with ‘The Union’ on Saturdays. So it would be obvious that I would occasionally try out the food there with my friends. Here are some of the stuffs we sampled.


Our guitarist Seen Teoh ordered the Mini Hawaiian Chicken Pizza. ..RM10+


He also ordered the Beef pepperoni mini pizza…. RM 11+


The guys were so kind to leave me a piece to try while I was busy setting up my rig. Tasted ok, but not great. Better than the ones you get from the Jusco bread counter; but not that much. Could be better. Rating: 5/10


Our drummer Arul ordered his favourite seafood prawn pasta. about RM25+ (not too sure here). For the price, the portions are bit too small. Taste-wise, just above average. Ratings 6/10


We also ordered the anchovies and pate mini pizza. Rm11+. Very interesting but may not appeal to some because of the strong fishy flavour. I enjoyed it, but not that much. 6/10


Lastly, I ordered their Beef bacon Cheeseburger. Rm24+. I requested the chef to make the patty medium well. Tasted quite good, but for the price, I would expect the burger to be bit bigger. Rating:7/10


All photos taken with my Sony NEX C3 with additional lighting from Seen Teoh’s mobile phone.

2 thoughts on “Mini Pizzas and such at Tease, Subang Avenue

  1. Is there anywhere online that we can check out your music?

    And how do you feel Italian and American food is represented in Malaysia? Mostly so so, or only good when it’s costly? Just curious — your posts make me want to see Malaysia someday.

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