Sri Ganapathi Banana Leaf Rice

Most Malaysians love Indian style curries and the best place to savour them is at many Banana Leaf restaurants that are scattered round KL and PJ (for city folks). I am a big fan too although I usually refrain myself from having second helping on the rice. LOL! I will cover the first one here for a start, and will post more when I visit more banana leaf rice outlets.

A very well know place for B.L.R. lovers around Petaling Jaya’s old town, this place need no introduction. I was a bit surprised at first because it looks more like a house than a restaurant but was glad to finally come to this place to sample their food as I was recommended by many friends to check this place out.


I ordered their Sambal Prawn, which was awesome! Best Indian style chilli prawns I’ve tasted so far. 9/10


I also tried their Fried Fish and Dry Mutton (varuval I think?!). Wow, another two good dishes. 8/10


Here is the full spread! Top row: the three dishes mentioned earlier, a cup of home made yogurt, Crab Rasem (yes you heard that right; I’ve been told it’s the best crab rasem in town), and a glass of warm water. Then you have the standard three types of vegetables and a mango pickle. Rice, with lots of fish and chicken curry and some popadam. All in all, one of the best Banana Leaf Rice I have tasted. Best for: Sambal Prawns and Crab Rasem.


Well in case you can’t find the place, it’s opposite the school (Sekolah Kebangsaan P.J.) at Jalan 1/10.


Sri Ganapathi Mess,

47, Jalan 1/10,

46000 Petaling Jaya.

6 thoughts on “Sri Ganapathi Banana Leaf Rice

  1. Man this looks sooooooooooooooo good, i mean the photography.You promote this place with great photography, got discount ahhhhh! hahaha.
    Burrrrrrrrrrrrrp! Joe

  2. Thanks Joe! Unfortunately I do not get discounts on the food outlets I patronize; which in a way is good. They are all honest and unbiased reviews.

  3. Sorry Paul, I don’t have their contact and business hours.The place is basically looks like a home business. Try to go early during lunch time 12pm, on weekdays.

  4. Their serving hours are from 11am to 4pm. Went there today for lunch. Being a local Indian, I vouch for this place. They serve authentic Malaysian-Indian style south Indian food. Not “Indian” South Indian food – like those better known eateries (Kanna, Nirwana, et al) with chefs/kitchen crew from India. The granny of the family oversees everything. AND they don’t tone down the spiciness to cater for the non-Indian patron. I was taken there by my boss, who is a local Chinese.

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