Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest

I recently had a chance to go for an outdoor kinda outing with my kids. We decided to go out to explore the forest and for a start, we choose to go check out a recreational forest at Hulu Langat.  Since it’s only about 30km from Kuala Lumpur, it is ideal for us to go for a half day trip. So, no need to pack all the bag, clothes, toiletries etc and bring just a spare change of t-shirts, towels, insect repellent and sun block. So Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest…here we come!



The entrance to the recreational forest. Entrance fee per person is only RM1 and free for kids below 12. Since it’s a weekend, the place is quite busy. There are also chalets for rent and camping sites available for folks who want stay or camp overnight, although you must bring your own camping gear. There’s even public toilets, changing room and running tap water.



A tarmac road trek within the forest. Great for casual walks for city folks who don’t have time to indulge in serious trekking but still can enjoy the lush green forest and clean air! At the far right you can see some seating areas for people to rest or have their meals.


Here’s a shot of Sungai Congkak (Congkak River) that runs thru the forest. The rocks here create an interesting photo. Great place for novice photographer to try out their landscape photography without getting their feet wet. I was standing at the tarmac road bridge when I took this shot handheld with the Canon S90 at 1/3 sec and F5.6. I plan to bring along my Sony NEX C3 and my tripod the next time for a better shot.


Don’t forget the tall trees! I must admit that I rarely see many trees all in one place in the city anymore and I’m glad to see them here. Here’s a pic of my son walking / posing for the camera.


My two sons, checking out the leaves for insects. I am glad they enjoyed the outing. I must say it’s much better than just going for movies and eating popcorn!


A lucky shot of a tiny spider on the foliage. These are moments I wished I still have my Nikon D200 with my macro lens and tripod.


There are also mini bridges along the tarmac trek to cross the river over to the camping and jungle trekking site.


Another shot of the river and rocks. Great place to take a dip and relax. Thanks to the trees and greens, the place is not hot, even during the late afternoons.


A photo of yours truly, taken by my son.  Although it was a short trip, we all really enjoyed it and will be looking forward to another outdoor trip; perhaps to Tekala waterfall and FRIM forest.

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