Big Nyonya Restaurant Melaka

(original date 12 Sept 2012)


Big Nyonya I stumbled upon this restaurant during one of my short holiday/road trip in Sept 2012. Big Nyonya (formerly known as Kenny’s Delight) is owned by none other than the famous celebrity chef and local comedian Datuk Kenny Chan from the local sitcom Baba Nyonya which was a popular TV show during the 90’s. Located at Taman Melaka Raya, this restaurant is often packed during weekends and lunch / dinner time.


SONY DSCUpon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staffs and given the menu at our table. As you can see, the menu is simple and straight forward. No pages to flip and prices are shown clearly.


with Datuk Kenny ChanMoments later, we got a friendlier greeting from the owner himself, Datuk Kenny Chan (without his sitcom outfit). We were lucky, the restaurant wasn’t busy (it was a weekday) and we got to meet him in person. He even obliged to have a snapshot with him and also sat at our table to explain what’s in the food menu while giving a brief history of Nyonya food in Melaka. Great PR and service form the boss himself! (Would-be restaurant owners, please take note. Lol!)


Sambal udang with petaiThe first dish that landed on the table was the ‘Sambal Udang Petai’. The chiili sambal was well prepared. Tasty sambal dish. 8/10


Chicken RendangNext came the ‘Chicken Rendang’. This one is personally cooked by Datuk Kenny Chan himself! 7/10


mixed vegWe also ordered the mixed vegetable which was okay. A simple vege dish. 6/10


nyonya cendolDatuk Kenny recommended us to try their Nyonya Cendol. I must say it’s one of the best Cendol I’ve tasted. Very fine ice shavings and caramelized gula melaka… sends you to seventh heaven in dessert land! 9/10


Big Nyonya interiorHere is a shot of Big Nyonya’s interior. Quite cozy and laid-back set up. Nice.


Big Nyonya upstairsDatuk Kenny Chan also took us upstairs for a tour of the extra space to cater for the big crowd during weekends and public holidays.


Big Nyonya wall photosThe man himself pictured here with famous VIPs…


We had a pleasant meal there. The food quality is good and prices are quite reasonable. Will look forward to go there again to try out the other dishes in the near future.


Big Nyonya Restaurant

33, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya

75000 Melaka, Malaysia.    Tel: +606-2863536

Business hours: 10am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm. Closed on Mondays


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