Sanook Bistro and Sportz Bar

Sanook Bistro & Sports Bar is located at Plaza Kelana Jaya, which houses a row of F & B outlets facing the Kelana Lake. I currently perform solo gigs there every Thursday at their Sportz Bar, which is on the first floor. I usually have my dinner there as I start my gig early at 8.00pm. Their kitchen serves a fusion of Asian & Western cuisines. I had the chance to try out numerous dishes there over the past months and would like to share with you some of my favourites.


Sanook Bistro

Their outdoor al-fresco dining area facing the lake is my favourite place to hang out during my dinner.


Sanook Bistro

They also have a small bar for those who just want to have a drink and watch football on TV.


Sanook Sportz Bar

Here is a view of their Sportz Bar on the first floor, which is has a connecting stairs from the al-fresco dining area.


Raymond Chia at Sanook

A pic of yours truly on stage at one of Sanook’s Countryt & Western theme nights!



Friendly staffs at Sanook Bistro & Sportz Bar.  OK Let’s get down to the food pictures….


U.N. Bruschetta

Sanook has cool names for their food. This starters is called United Nations Bruschetta which comes in three flavours, Thai seafood tom yam, German sauteed mushrooms and spicy chicken. 7/10


Sushi nori hailam

Another unique starter, this one is called Sushi Nori Hailam. It’s actually rolled seaweed stuffed with Hailam chicken rice, chicken and Japanese cucumber. It even comes with the standard chilli and ginger ala chicken rice stall! 7/10


Crispy Prawn Ball

Deep fried ‘Dragon Balls’…sotong balls (squids) is another interesting dish for starters. 6/10


Alfresco BBQ Wings

One of my favourites there is the ‘Alfresco BBQ Wings’. It’s spicy chicken wings with thier signature BBQ sauce. Very well marinated and tasty. One of the best chicken wings I’ve tasted at a pub or bistro! 8/10


Masala Rib Eye

If you’re a fan of beef, don’t miss out trying this ‘Masala Rib Eye’ steak! Specially grilled with masala garam and comes with vegetables ‘kebabs’ and a yogurt style sauce dip. Awesomeness!! 9/10


Sicillian Pesto Bass

If you’re a ‘fishy’ guy, try the ‘Sicilian Pesto Bass’, which is grilled sea bass fish. Healthy and hearty! 6/10


New York Strip Steak

Another steak I tried is the ‘New York Strip’ steak. It’s beef strip steak with a special garlic sauce. I love the sauce though. 5/10 for the steak, 9/10 for the garlic sauce!


Sotong Otak Otak

Sanook also has some Local style cuisines. This ‘Sotong Otak-Otak’ is on of my favourite local dishes. Grilled whole squid, stuffed with prawn otak-otak and covered with sambal (chilli paste). 8/10


Sang Har Mee

Another one I tasted is their ‘Big Tree Sanf Har Mee’, a wok fried noodles dish with freshwater prawn and prawn & egg gravy. 6/10


Honey Lamb Pizza

I really love this pizza! This is the ‘Sesame Honey Lamb’…sliced lamb with sesame, garlic and honey. 9/10


Lamb Cutlets

Kim-Yang Lamb Cutlets, coated with Korean spices and accompanied with mashed potatoes and Korean Kimchi! 7/10


Tangier Moroccan Steak

Tangier Moroccan Steak is another cool item on their menu. It’s sirloin beef grilled on skewers and laced with apricot sauce. 7/10


Moogus Salad

For me, the best salad at Sanook will be the Moogus Salad, served with sliced sirloin beef and asparagus. 8/10

Please do come back this page for more ‘makan makan’ updates as I will try out other dishes at Sanook! Cheers!

Sanook Bistro & Sportz Bar

C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya
SS7/13A Petaling Jaya 47301
Selangor, Malaysia

Open Monday to Saturday
for lunch & dinner
(Saturday : dinner & drinks only)

Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 11:00pm

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