‘Yee Sang’ with Retrology

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Yes peepz! It’s that time of the year again where some of us crave to eat ‘Yee Sang’! Well in this case, it was Mary Jackson who had the cravings! Lol! So a couple of days ago before the lunar new year, I decided to ask Mary and Seen Teoh to join me for Yee Sang and dinner at Ampang. Traffic was very bad that day but the drive was worth it! We landed up at a Chinese restaurant called ‘Them Yew” at Bandar Baru Ampang.


Them Yew Ampang-1382

Them Yew is an unassuming restaurant located at Bandar Baru Ampang. I frequent this restaurant often with my kids for lunch and sometimes with friends for dinner. It serves decent Chinese food and prices here are quite reasonable, mainly catering to middle income folks staying around the area. Since it was during the Chinese New Year season, the place was packed with patrons.


Them Yew Ampang-1367

‘Yee Sang’ is also known as ‘Lou Sang’ or prosperity toss. It’s an oriental salad dish with raw fish, which is believed to be originated from West Malaysia, usually eaten during Chinese New Year as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It is usually mixed with shredded vegetables such as carrots, green and white radish, pomelo, ginger etc. Peanut crumbs, sesame seeds and fried flour crisps are also added. Pepper and 5 spice powder seasoning in two paper sachets are included. Strips of raw fish (most restaurants use salmon) are added and lastly, plum sauce and sesame oil are poured all over the dish.


Them Yew Ampang-1374

Here is a pic of the ‘Yee Sang’ with salmon strips, with the sauces and seasoning already added into the mix. Looks yummy!


Them Yew Ampang-1380

The usual local Chinese tradition for ‘Yee Sang’ is where folks would gather around the table with their chopsticks to toss the Yee Sang into the air, mixing the ingredients while saying auspicious words to get abundance of wealth and good luck! Since Seen and myself speaks Hokkien, we were shouting ‘Huat Ah!’ which roughly means ‘to prosperity’. Lol!


Them Yew Ampang-1381

To me, tossing the ‘Yee Sang’ also symbolizes friendship and happiness. A time for family and friends to catch up and rekindle.


Them Yew Ampang-1386

After eating the ‘Yee Sang’, it’s time for the main dishes! First to reach our table was the buttered prawns (wet style). I’m actually new to this as I normally ordered the deep fried buttered prawns. Luckily Mary suggested this version. 7/10


Them Yew Ampang-1397

Whoa! Next on the table was this super dish! Braised pork leg with sea cucumber and mushrooms! I believe you can only order this dish at Them Yew during Chinese New Year, as I have not seen it on normal days. Almost every table ordered this awesome dish. Although the portion is big, the price is only RM42.  9/10


Them Yew Ampang-1393

Another must-have dish when Mary is around… it’s her favourite stir fry sweet potato leaves with garlic! 6/10


Them Yew Ampang-1402

If you go for a standard western food dinner, you’d start with a soup. We ended our dinner with spinach soup with anchovies and lots of garlic! Bliss… 8/10.  It was a great dinner with friends and Them Yew restaurant serves good food with decent prices. Looking forward to more ‘makan-makan’ adventures at Ampang in the near future.

Happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays everyone! May you have an abundance of good health, wealth and happiness this Year of the Horse! Best wishes from Retrology band!

 Restoran Them Yew,

1G, Jalan Wawasan 4/1,

Bandar Baru Ampang,

68000 Ampang, Selangor.

Phone: 012-219 2926

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