Penang Street Food Experience Part 3 (Dec 2013)

Hi everyone. Yes I’m back to post another round of my street food experience in Penang at a recent trip for work there. As you may already know, I am a big fan of street food, especially Penang. If you’re reading this post, many thanks for visiting my site. Hope you like my page as much as I enjoy posting them! Please do click ‘Like’ or share it on your Facebook if you like my posts. Cheers everyone!


Seng Thor Coffee Shop

I have been wanting to check out the food here. I’ve read some good reviews about the ‘Oh Chien’ (fried oyster egg) here. As I wasn’t sure what time the stall opens, I managed to get my fellow band mate Seen Teoh (who is a Penangite) to bring us there for some makan-makan! I was told the Oh Chien stall only opens after 2pm so we decided to have late lunch. 


Seng Thor Coffee Shop

Seng Thor Coffee shop is located at at the junction of Carnarvon Street and Kimberly Street, which is at the heart of Georgetown. This coffee shop looks like it’s been around for ages! The architecture here screams 60’s or 70’s, which is really cool. This coffee shop has about five or six stalls, and here are some of the food we ate that day….


Seng Thor Oyster Egg

Yes peepz. This is the reason we were there at 2pm. I would say this is Seng Thor’s anchor tenant! Right from the start of the business that day, they’re already getting lots of orders from patrons.


Seng Thor Oyster Egg

After about 20 mins, the oyster egg finally arrived at our table. We order two large plates (at RM30 per plate) as we had about seven of us in the group that day. We also had Arul (drummer band mate) with us and he has a voracious appetite especially for street foods! Lol! IMHO, the dish tasted slightly above average….an ok+, as I have tasted much better oyster egg before. I find this version has too much starch (yes starch water is added in the frying process) and it’s fried until crispy.  Perhaps I’m more used to the southern style. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed it very much. 6/10


Lor Bak stall at Seng Thor Coffee Shop

Another notable mention is the ‘Lor Bak’ stall. As the coffee shop is quite small, some of the stalls are located at the pavement outside Seng Thor. This uncle who runs the stall is really cool and gave a pose when I took a pic of his stall. He opens in the morning and closes at about 3pm.


Lor Bak at Seng Thor Coffe Shop

A huge portion as well for ‘Lor Bak’ (fried meat roll). Well we had an assortment of friend meat roll, prawn fritters, home made chinese sausages, and fish fingers. Everyone loved it, including me. I guess you can’t really go wrong with deep fried foods…Lol! Great food to go with beer though. 8/10


Nasi Lemak at Seng Thor

Another popular stall is the Chinese style ‘Nasi Lemak’. This stall has also a banner at the side that mentioned that they won some food award…


Nasi Lemak at Seng Thor

Chinese style Nasi Lemak with chilli anchovies, pork curry, luncheon meat (Mary Jackson’s favourite! lol), and fried fish stuffed with sambal….bliss! Quite good but not the best I’ve tasted. 7.5/10


Kopi Peng at Seng Thor

Yes peepz. When you’re at a Chinese coffee shop at Penang, don’t forget to order the ‘Kopi Peng’, which is iced coffee with sweet condense milk.


Wan tan mee at Seng Thor

Still hungry?? Well I ordered the Wan Tan Mee. Tasted average. 5/10


Char Kway Teow at Ayer Itam Market

If you read my previous post about Penang food, I mentioned a good Char Kway Teow at the Ayer Itam market, but didn’t get to take pics because my camera ran out of battery. Well I revisited the place again and this time managed to take some pics.


Char Kway Teow at Ayer Itam Market

The stall is manned by an old Chinese couple. It’s not popular among food bloggers and most people probably missed it, mainly because it’s overshadowed by the famous Assam Laksa stall nearby. Nevertheless, the locals come here often and since it’s near the famous Kek Lok Si temple, I guess this place would be packed with tourists during the weekend.


Char Kway Teow at Ayer Itam Market

Well this plate of CKT may not look so interesting but tasted great! And it’s cheaper…only RM4.50 per plate. 8/10


Keat Seng Food Court, Ayer Itam (revisited)

Keat Seng Food Court, Ayer Itam

We went back again to this food court coffee shop to try out other food stalls. Since it was a Sunday, the place was packed to the brim. Luckily we managed to find a table only after a few minutes of waiting.


Keat Seng Food Court, Ayer Itam

Awesome Belacan Fried Chicken Wings! Great with beers too. Lol! 9/10


Keat Seng Food Court, Ayer Itam

Another notable one…. Tom Yum seafood. Very good bowl of Tom Yum soup. A bit too spicy for me though. I was dripping with sweat after a small bowl of Tom Yum. 7.5/10


Ghee Hiang Biscuit Shop

Ghee Hiang biscuit shop

We also had time to check out some Chinese biscuit shops. Ghee Hiang is a traditional Chinese (non Halal) biscuit manufacturer of Tau Sar Pneah, Hneoh Pneah and Beh Teh Saw located at Jalan Macalister.


Ghee Hiang

The interior looks like a hotel reception. Lol! You just look at the table brochure. Tell them which biscuits you want and they will get them ready for you.


Ghee Hiang

Taking a pic with the shop mascot statue….


Ban Heang biscuit shop

Ban Heang biscuit shop

We also went to another shop along Jalan Macalister called Ban Heang.


Ban Heang

This one looks more like a biscuit shop…with many types of traditional Chinese biscuits and snacks.


Ban Heang

Taking a pic with Arul, fellow drummer band mate.


Well it was another awesome ‘makan-makan time at Penang. Looking forward to another trip there soon. 

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