Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

I am also a fan of spicy food, but I’d often avoid food that are too spicy because of my weak tummy (which is made in China, Lol!). Nevertheless, I would often crave for spicy stuffs. This time around, I went to check out a restaurant called Fa Ying, which is co-owned by a friend Danny. It’s located at Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya. Fa Ying is a modern Thai restaurant which serves authentic Thai cusine as well as western-fusion dishes. I really like the set up of the place. Cozy and casual seating with warm and dim lights. Pretty romantic for a Thai restaurant! Ok let’s check out the place…


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

A view of the entrance of Fa Ying. As it was during the Chinese New Year, you can see those nice lanterns at the entrance.


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

The cozy and informal seating inside the restaurant. A non-formal approach to Thai cuisine dining…


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

A pic of their menu. Very simple but yet easy to browse though…


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

For starters, we ordered some tapas styled entrees. This is grilled scallops with spicy mint sauce. Looked nice visually and tasted good too! 7.5/10  Sorry I can’t remember the actual food names here. Will update when I find out.


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

Another entree we had was the fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. Tasted ok, but I think it needs to be marinated with more flavour. Perhaps this is the authentic Thai style. 5/10


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

Next came the Thai style salad with sliced beef.  This salad is awesome with sweet, sour and spicy flavours. 9/10


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

For the main, we had prawns with red curry. This one is also super good! Mouth watering, spicy and flavourful. 9/10


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

Yes after ‘makan’, it’s time for some desserts! This jelly dessert is great. 8/10


Fa Ying at Paradigm Mall

Last for the road was their Cendol with ice cream and cappuccino coffee. The Cendol was sweet with very creamy ‘santan’ (coconut milk). 6/10


Overall we had a good ‘makan’ experience there. Will look forward to go to Fa Ying again. Next trip, I shall try to get a bigger group of friends so that we can order and savor the many other dishes there! 🙂


Fa Ying by Rama V

 GB-08, Level G, Paradigm Mall, No. 1,

Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,

Petaling Jaya, 47301, Malaysia

Phone:+60 3-7451 2933

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