Wedding Function Performance at The Prince Hotel KL

Hi everyone! I recently performed at a wedding function at The Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur alongside with three renown musicians, Vijay David on lead vocals and harps, Badar Fawzy on percussion & vocals and Azmi Hairudin on saxophone. I had a really great time performing with these guys. Looking forward to more shows like this! 🙂

This was one of the functions which I managed to have some photos taken (with help from a hotel f & b employee; I set the camera first and told her to snap away!). I also brought along my travel tripod, the Fotopro X4i-E (which I initially bought it to use with my mirrorless camera set up, the Olympus EPL-3 but already sold the camera to good friend KH Wan and Joanne). I managed to find a good and safe spot near the sound console and placed the tripod with the Nikon D5100 and kit lens, to take some videos of our performances. Luckily the Nikon D5100 is not a heavy camera and tripod managed to hold the DSLR in place! So here are the videos and photos peepz! If you like our videos, please do SHARE it on your FB or blog pages. Many thanks in advance and cheers! 🙂


Here is a video featuring Vijay David on lead vocals and harps. Vijay is a renown singer and musician in the local pub music scene. He has been gigging for about 30 years and still going strong. 


As you can see, the stage is near the food serving station for the main table. So you will see the staffs standing and walking by, occasionally blocking the camera. Very minor distractions. Well in this case, it’s better than no video at all! 🙂 Also featuring Badar here on percussion and Azmi on the sax solo.


Here is Vijay David warming up on stage. His vibrant showmanship and charisma on stage has garnered him many fans and friends over the years. A groovy version of a famous Bee Gees song.


I love jazz standards, but I don’t get enough shows like these to sing ’em. So when I do, I really enjoyed it! Well it’s never too late to learn more of the great stuffs, and I’m planning to do so this year! 🙂


Vijay with a famous 80’s hit song. Besides performing regular gigs with Badar, Azmi and Albert Sirimal, he also performs occasionally at functions with other musicians and bands.


Yours truly on keys and lead vocals here. Also featuring a great sax solo by Azmi. Azmi is well known in the local jazz music scene and has performed in numerous jazz festivals and shows, regionally and overseas. Badar is also no stranger in the music scene, as a percussionist with numerous renown bands in Kuala Lumpur as well as sessionist for many studio recordings.



Raymond Chia - Prince Hotel

Trying to be cool… I was pretty nervous about the show actually. Lol!


Vijay David

Vijay posing for the test shot before I pass the camera to a hotel staff to help us with some photos…


Raymond Chia, Vijay David, Azmi and Badar

L-R… Azmi Hairudin, Vijay David, Raymond Chia and Badar Fawzy


Vijay David and Raymond Chia

The two Capricorn guys! Not many people know we have the same birthday! 🙂



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