The Union at Daily Pint – 24th May 2014

Here is a quick post and photos of The Union performing at Daily Pint on 24th May 2014. It was our debut gig there and we really had a great time! Many thanks to all who came by to party with us! For those who missed our gig, not to worry. We will be performing there again this Saturday 31st May, 10pm onward. Cheers and hope to see you on Saturday! 🙂


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2330

The Union performing at Daily Pint


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2328

The Union performing at Daily Pint…


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2339

Yours truly on stage.


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2334

Frontman Ridzuan Hamid on lead vocals


Union Daily Pint-20140524-2298

A quick shot from the stage, with Arul on drums!


Union Daily Pint-20140524-2295

Another shot from the stage…with Thomas the DJ and sound guy.


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2301

A good turnout at our debut gig there!


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2310


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2351


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2348


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2343


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2341


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2316


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2315


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2312


Union Daily Pint-20140525-2308



Daily Pint Bistro,

E-01-1 & E-02-1, Plaza Glomac,

Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya,

47301 Petaling Jaya

(Location Guide: It’s opposite the 7-eleven)

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