Ray, Vijay David and Simon Leo at Ol Skool Bistro

Hi everyone! Here are some photos and a video clip from a recent gig with Vijay David and Simon Leo at Ol Skool Bistro, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. As you may already know, Vijay and Simon are two local music legends! Vijay David is a renown pub music icon, and Simon Leo is the c0-founder of ‘Carefree’, a renown Malaysian band. We are performing there every Thursday in August and September 2014. Hope to see you at our gigs. Thanks and cheers!



Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00831


Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00830


Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00834


Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00832


Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00838


Ray Vijay Simon-20140808-00837


Photos here taken with the Sony NEX F3 and 16-50mm kit lens, with minor adjustments using Picasa. I really like the pics from this little camera. Reminds me of my previous Nikons which I have owned.

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