Burgers Galore! Part 2 – The Grind Burger Bar

The search for awesome burgers continues…. This time, me and my kids went to check out The Grind Burger Bar (Non-Halal) at Section 17, Petaling Jaya. It is located at Jalan 17/45, alongside the famous Kanna Curry House Indian restaurant. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and arrived there at 2 pm, which was almost their closing time (for lunch).



The Grind Burger Bar PJ

The sign board is quite small. If you drive by swiftly, you may not be able to notice it. Plus it’s quite difficult to find a parking space during lunch time, thanks to the famous curry house a few blocks away. I had to circle a few rounds around the block to get a place to park my car. Luckily found a spot and quickly dash into the place coz it’s almost closing time for lunch, and reopens only later at about 5 pm.


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2170

Quite a cool  place, with warm ambient lights.


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2174

We ordered some entrées. First one to land on the table was the ‘Chilli Pork with Cheese’ (Rm14+). Quite a pricey entrée and portion is small, but taste was great! 8/10. (my son Kiran posing for the shot, Lol!)


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2178

Next was the Fried Onion Rings (Rm10+)  The onion rings tasted normal, but the special dip sauce was great. My son Roushan tilting the tub for me to take a shot. 6.5/10


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2173

They are also known for their speciality drinks, called ‘White Cow’ (It’s actually Sprite with ice-cream) and ‘Brown Cow’ (a Root beer float thingy). At Rm8+ each, It’s quite pricey and nothing special about the drinks too. 2/10 (P/S the glass of warm water I ordered was Rm1 but it was refillable…phew)


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2193

Roushan ordered The Grind House Burger (Pork) which came with fries. This is their most popular burger on the menu. For Rm21+, you get quite a big serving, with a thick juicy patty. Tasted just average actually…. 5/10.


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2190

Kiran is the beefy boy, and chosed the regular Cheese Burger (beef). For Rm17+, you get a smaller burger. Also tasted average …. 5/10.


THe Grind Burger R&K-20140510-2197

We were still hungry after all the entrées and burgers! So we checked the menu and tried their Swedish Meatballs, which is made from 50% pork and 50% beef! For Rm20+, this is not exactly value for money, but tasted pretty good. I’d say it’s a 7/10.


Overall, it’s quite a memorable trip to The Grind Burger Bar, although I feel they can improve on the burgers. Total spent on that day was Rm108.90, which was  steeper than the usual burger places we went. Well, it didn’t help that we ordered a few sides too. Lol! Great for: Entrées and Swedish Meatballs. Not Great For: Finding a parking space and their signature drinks.


The Grind Burger Bar,

No.7, Jalan 17/45,

Section 17, Petaling jaya

46400 Selangor.


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