Big Game and Wan at Thistle, Port Dickson

Big Game (Gerard Singh and yours truly) and Wan recently performed at a wedding function at Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson with sound system supplied by our good friend Ivan Zuzartee from Genesis Pro Audio. Port Dickson or PD as locals refer to it, is a beach town situated about 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. Due to the proximity from the city, many locals choose to go there for a short holiday during the weekends. We had a great time performing at the wedding function. Here are some photos from the event. Cheers peepz!


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00860

Big Game and Wan on stage.


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00859

Big Game and Wan on stage. Band photos taken by Ivan.


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00844

It was an outdoor wedding function. Very nice set up. It was quite warm under the canopy but I’m glad it didn’t rain.


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00850

Our stage set up.


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00866

Ivan’s sound crew… thumbs up to the guys! We had great sound on that day.


Big Game & Wan-20140809-00848

A snapshot during our break.






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