Raymond, Brenda Lee and Simon Leo at J. W. Marriott KL

Hi folks. Just a quick post here. I performed at a corporate function with Brenda Lee and Simon Leo on the 27th July 2014 at the J. W. Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It was for the The 21st International Sindhi Sammelan hosted by the Sindhi Association of Malaysia. We were the only local feature at the event, which also featured many numerous Sindhi music and cultural talents from abroad. In fact, we were the only band performing in English! We had a great time at the show and glad to be part of the event. Unfortunately this time around, I couldn’t get a friend to take some pics and videos of us performing on stage. Here are some snapshots of us before the show…


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00677

Here’s a shot of the event hall. I waited for the lights to go on for a short while to take this. I love the Sony 16-50mm lens, especially at 16mm.


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00673

It was a big event with over 1000 guests. So the buffet line was outside the event hall. The food was awesome, especially the traditional Sindhi dishes.


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00664

While waiting for our turn to perform, we managed to ask one of the chefs to help take our pic. Lol!


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00669

Simon Leo and yours truly. Pic taken by Brenda.


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00660

Brenda Lee and Simon Leo.


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00686


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00685


Ray Brenda Simon-20140727-00659




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