Burgers Galore Part 3! – Burgertory

Did I hear ‘thick and juicy burgers’?? Woohoo! Welcome to part 3 of my ‘Burgers Galore’ series! In this post, I will feature Burgertory’, a renown gourmet burger place at Subang Jaya. Yes peepz, Burgertory is perhaps already a household name among burger fans. Hey, Burgertory rhymes with Purgatory…Lol! Located at a very busy street at Jalan SS15/4D, this place has garnered quite a huge following since it opened to business in February 2013. With all the hype on the web, I decided to take my boys out for a treat on a weekend. (Original date was 29th May 2014)



Burgertory -20140529-2567

Yup, Burgertory is located on the first floor (above Guardian Pharmacy) at Jalan 15/4D. It’s quite a challenge to have a food outlet on the first floor. Their current success proves that with good marketing skills and by offering unique and great tasting food, one can possibly make it. Well, it also helps that there are a few private colleges around the corner and a huge population of upper and middle income group residing in the area of Subang Jaya and USJ.


Burgertory -20140529-2590

Burgertory not only serves beef and chicken burgers, but they specializes on pork burgers as well. There’s a huge menu on the wall next to the ordering station. I noticed from the web that the menu changes from time to time, as they often add new burgers on the list. They have funky names and cool recipes for their burgers too!


Burgertory -20140529-2576

My son Roushan ordered the ‘Bacon Paradise’ (RM19), a pork burger patty with cheese, sweet bacon bits and 2 slices of candy bacon. You can also add on fries and soft drink (bottomless) for RM5. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this one’s definitely up your alley! As always, me and my kids always take a bite of each burger we ordered to try out. This one is great! 8.5/10


Burgertory -20140529-2580

Whoa! This double beef patty with double cheese is the’ Sumo Burger’!! My son Kiran wanted this one (and yes he finished the burger!).  Their beef patty is juicy and tasty but bread could be better. Rm19. 8/10


Burgertory -20140529-2585

I decided to be adventurous and ordered thier ‘Mascarpone Curry & Cheese’ (RM15). It’s actually a thick pork patty with fried egg, cheese and onion ring; and topped with an Italian style curry! Well the curry is not spicy and it tasted quite unique. 7/10


Burgertory -20140529-2569

Here’s a pic of the restaurant seating area, with canteen styled tables, ‘industrial’ type lighting with bare cement floor. As you can see there’s lots of patrons, mostly young adults and college students.

Overall a great burger place, albeit a bit tough to park your car. It opens only from 6 pm to 10 pm, so I’d suggest you go there early to find parking and get a seat. Definitely going back there again to try out other burgers!



No. 8A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D,

47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.


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