Brenda and Friends at Aloft Hotel KL

(Original date of event was 8th September 2014)

Hey everyone! Here is a post and pics of a band performance at Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for BMW cars and hosted by Astro TV. For this event, our band  was a 5 piece band line up which features Brenda Lee (lead female vocals), Simon Leo (lead guitar), Don Nizam (bass guitar), Colin Sta Maria (drums) and yours truly on keys. Our music genre for this line up is light jazz, soul, and retro. Here are some pics at the event. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a friend that day to take pics and videos of us on stage. We hope to get some pics and videos on our next show together. 🙂


Brenda & Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01153


Brenda &  Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01145


Brenda & Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01124


Brenda & Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01131


Brenda & Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01133


Brenda &; Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01138


Brenda &; Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01143


Brenda & Friends at Aloft Hotel-20140910-01157

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