KLPF 2014 (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival)

KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9333

It has been ages since I had the chance to visit the annual KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival). This year, I am really glad I managed to go check it out!! This year’s KLPF was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) from the 19-21 September 2014. As always, I had a great time at the photography festival although I was only there on the final day, which is on the 21st. Due to time constraints (I had sound check for a show that day), I could only spend about 3 hours there. I have compiled a short video clip and some photos. Looking forward to next year’s KLPF and will try make it for all the 3 days! 🙂


A short clip of my visit to KLPF 2014 (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival). Video and photos taken with the Canon Kiss X4 (550D) with Tokina 12-24mm f4 & Sigma 30mm f1.4 lenses. As you can see most of the major camera brands were there (except for Canon, which was a no-show this year).


Kata DR-466-DL-20140929-9903

Kata DR-466-DL

KLPF would not be complete without great deals on photography accessories! I had been on a lookout for a good camera backpack since early 2014, and I finally found not one, but two backpacks which I have been wanting to get, both at great prices! The first one pictured here is the Kata DR-466-DL. FYI, the Kata brand has been discontinued and re-branded as Manfrotto bags. I also compared with Manfrotto’s version (Advance Backpack series I), but I preferred the Kata’s version. This will be my regular go-to bag when I wanna haul my 12″ Asus laptop with my camera gear.


Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW

Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW

The second bag I bought was the Lowepro Photo Sports 200 AW. Why another camera backpack?? Actually I’ve been checking out this particular bag on the web for a while now and have read many good reviews about it. So I’m kinda been eyeing for this one.  Well I got this bag mainly because I plan to do some off-road adventure stuffs + photography in the near future, like hiking, jungle trekking, travels that include long walks etc. Heck, with this bag I may take up mountain biking too! Next investments to complete….  jungle/hiking boots and stuffs and of course a splash-proof and dust-proof camera! 🙂


Ok! On with some photos I took at the KLPF 2014…


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9680


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9744


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9782


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9701


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9824


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9724


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9776


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9796


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9814


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9703


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9706


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9698


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9805


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9714


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9770


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9765


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9737


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9684


KLPF Mid Valley-20140921-9689


KLPF (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival)



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