Burgers Galore Part 4! – Nambawan Cafe

Welcome to my 4th instalment of the ‘Burgers Galore’ series, where I go on a hunt for tasty burgers! This time, me and my kids decided to check out this largely unknown place to me at Taman Sri Manja, Old Klang Road called Nambawan Cafe (non halal). I have read posts on the web that says this place serves great pork burgers. So we decided to check out Nambawan for a weekend lunch. 

(Original date of visit was 14 June 2014. All pics taken with the Sony NEX F3 with 16-50 lens)



Nambawa Cafe at Taman Sri Manja

Thanks to Waze navigation on my phone, we managed to find this place as Taman Sri Manja at Old Klang Road is really alien to me. I guess the name ‘Nambawan’ refers to ‘Number One’, Lol! As we went there on a weekend, parking was a breeze as there’s ample place at the undergound car park.



Nambawan Cafe

Nambawan Cafe

The interior looked a bit dull and quite unassuming; more like a normal college cafe than a recent gourmet burger joint in town. As we reached there quite early about 12pm, there was not much patrons around.


Nambawan Menu

Nambawan Menu

Upon seated, we were given a simple menu and the waiter recommended their new creation (at that time)…The King Size Juicy Lucy Pork Burger! 


King Size Juicy Lucy Pork Burger!

King Size Juicy Lucy Pork Burger!

Whoa! This is a huge burger. Two grilled pork burger patties of 130gm each, with double cheese, two streaky pork bacon topped with tartar and BBQ sause and the usual salad vege in between two huge buns! My son Roushan ordered this and that’s a lot of burger, even for him. As usual, we all took a bite to taste. Verdict: Very Good 9/10. The meat is chunkier than the pork burgers I’ve tasted so far. Very well marinated with a strong garlicky taste, which I liked. All of that for only RM19.90+ which is a damn good deal! Perhaps it’s just an introductory price, I’m not sure. Will go there again soon.


100% Hand made Pork Burger

100% Hand made Pork Burger

I ordered their signature burger which is called ‘100% Hand made Pork Burger’. No fancy name here and just a standard burger (similiar sized like from the street burger stalls) with some fries. Another tasty option 8/10. The best part is, this burger is priced at only RM6.90+, a real value for money! I definitely haven’t heard of this type deal at other gourmet burger places. Great option for weight watchers or if you’re just a little hungry. 


Roasted Pork Belly

Roasted Pork Belly

Besides pork burgers, Nambawan also offers other western style dishes on their menu. My son Kiran ordered the Roasted Pork Belly with white wine & orange fennel sauce. My verdict 7/10, as you can’t go wrong with roast pork anyway. For Rm19.90+, the portion is okay, not huge but just nice for one person.


Carbonara Pasta

Carbonara Pasta

We also decided to try out ther Carbonara Pasta (RM8.90+), topped with pork bacon and cheese. 5/10 Pretty basic pasta and nothing much to shout about. 


There are loads of other items in the menu we haven’t tried. A really ‘value for money’ place to eat as the prices here are reasonable. I will have to go there again with a bigger group of guys to order more dishes. Lol! Looking forward to the next trip there. 🙂


Nambawan Cafe, 

No 10, Sri Manja Square One,

Taman Sri Manja, Jalan Klang Lama, 

46000 Petaling Jaya.

12 pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm. Opens daily.

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