Brenda Lee & Friends at Palm Garden Golf Club

(Original Date of event was 1st Dec 2014)


Here’s a post about a show which I performed with Brenda Lee & Friends; with Brenda on lead vocals, Don Nizam on bass guitar, Simon Leo on lead guitar, Colin Sta Maria on drums and yours truly on keys. It was an afternoon event and the weather was super hot! We were ‘melting’ under the sun! Lol!


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010279

The band on a make shift stage, under a canopy next to the pool.


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010272

Another shot of the band. All the band pics and video taken by Brendon Zachariah, our friend and sound engineer for the show! Thanks Brandon!


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010286

Don Nizam on bass….


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010254

The other two canopies where the golfers are hanging out…


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010271

A view of the pool from the stage… it was so hot, we wished to jump into it.


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010255

Our friend and sound guy Brendon Zachariah.


Palm Garden Golf Club-20141201-010269

Snapshot of the guys during our break. 



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