Burgers Galore Part 5! – myBurgerLab

Welcome to the 5th instalment of my ‘Burgers Galore’ series, where I go around the city to look for great burgers! In this part, we visited myBurgerLab (halal), which is already a household name among burger lovers out there. This place is also regarded as the ‘holy grail’ of gourmet burger places. Google myBurgerLab and you’ll get a huge list of blogs and reviews. Without further ado, here is my take on one of the best burgers in town.


myBurgerLab at Taman OUG

myBurgerLab at Taman OUG

We went to their 2nd outlet, which is at Taman OUG, at Jalan Kelang Lama. Their first outlet is at Seapark, Petaling Jaya. I would prefer to go this outlet as it has ample car park (during the weekends – if you go there early). We were there early at about 6pm.


MyBurgerlab interior

MyBurgerlab interior

The interior looks pretty basic, like the previous few burger places we went. It was already quite pack with people even though we reached there at 6pm. The tables and chairs were a bit small though, and the narrow walkways are a challenge for a big guy like me. Well I guess they have to maximise the seating space to cater for the crowd.


Beautiful Mess burger

Beautiful Mess burger

A very popular signature burger there is the ‘Beautiful Mess’ (RM24 with set that comes with fries and bottomless soda). We ordered the beef patty, with a combo of sharp cheddar, fried portabellas, fried egg and honey mustard sauce. I must agree that this is one of the best I’ve tasted. Their beef patty is exceptionally nice and juicy! 9/10


A+ burger

A+ burger

A peculiar name for a burger, the A+ (beef) is simply a patty with sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, shiitake and enoki mushrooms. Another tasty option, partly due to the awesome beef patty and the soft charcoal bread. 8/10 (RM21 with set of fries and soda)


myBurgerLab order counter

myBurgerLab ordering counter

Luckily we went there early because half an hour after that, there’s a moderate queue at the ordering counter.


Say Cheese (Chicken)

Say Cheese (Chicken)

I decided to try their chicken patty instead. This is ‘Say Cheese’ (RM11, ala carte) which is basically a grilled chicken meat with sharp cheddar and Sauce X (a secret sauce they have concocted). Well I’m not impressed with this one as the chicken meat itself tasted quite bland and dry. I guess it will be great for the health concious folks who wanna watch their calories intake. 5/10.


Well overall, myBurgerLab lives up to the reputation of being one of the best in town. It’s probably the only one where you have to queue up (during dinner peak hours) to order your food. I’ve also heard stories about the place running out of patties before closing time! Moreover, it has quite a selection of burgers and they also feature monthly specials in their menu. Will look forward to another trip there, but first I’d better go double my gym time.


myBurgerLab (OUG outlet)

8, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman OUG,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours: 5pm to 10.15pm


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