Raymond Chia at Sanook Bistro (Videos)

Hi everyone! Welcome to my 100th post at my page!! Yes folks, I’m glad to reach this mini milestone. With this post, I would like to share with you some videos of my solo gig performance at Sanook Bistro (taken in March 2014). As you may already know, Sanook Bistro at Plaza Kelana Jaya was one of my favourite solo gig places that I have performed.  It has one of the the best pub grubs I’ve tasted,  has a nice & cosy environment and not forgetting one of the friendliest staffs I’ve ever came across. I really enjoyed my gigs there and hope to perform at other similiar places in the future.


Here are some video clips of my solo gigs at Sanook Bistro (March 2014)


Two of my favourite ballads from the 70’s.


Here’s one of my favourite classic country song…


One of my favourite from Harry Nilsson. Please excuse the chatty folks in the background. I guess everybody’s talkin’ yeah!


A great classic rock ballad made famous by Bad Company.


I really enjoy singing the oldies and evergreen songs and here’s one of them.


Another great song which I cover at my gigs. This one was made popular by BJ Thomas, Elvis Presley and also by Leonard Nimoy!


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