Ribs King at Taman Paramount

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I guess it’s time for another food post. This time, I was on a prowl for some good Chinese style pork ribs. Ribs King is probably a household name among Taman Paramount folks and was highly recommended by my friends. So I decided  to pay a few visits there, once for lunch and twice for dinner. Here are some of the dishes we ordered.


Rib King-20150214-2141515

Upon entering the restaurant, we were given the menu and also a pencil and paper order chit (not pictured)…similiar like ordering from a kopitiam or Hong Kong style restaurant in KL.


Ribs King-20150319-3192155

Business was brisk during lunch hour. Therefore we waited quite a bit (15-20 mins) for our food to arrive. Dinner time was much better as the orders came out in 10 mins or less (depending on what dish you order). I must add that the interior is very clean (looks like they recently renovated) and the air conditioning is a definite plus.


Rib King-20150214-2141521

Lets start with their signature dishes… pork ribs! Here is the pork spare ribs with butter milk sauce (RM12). You can have it normal (spicy) or ask for less spicy, minus the cili padi. This one is highly recommended! Although it’s deep fried before pouring the sauce on top, the meat is tender and succulent. 9/10


Ribs King-20150319-3192173

Another excellent dish is the honey BBQ sauce pork chops (RM12). It goes without saying that my two boys love this! If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you. 8/10


Ribs King-20150302-3021801

If you fancy some fusion style, here is the pork ribs with Thai style sauce (RM12). Another good choice. 8/10


Ribs King-20150319-3192161

Too much meat you say?? They also have a wide selection of stir fry vegetable dishes too. Simple stir fry ladies fingers with dried shrimps (RM8). Just average but ok lah.  5/10


Rib King-20150214-2141530

For roast pork fans… Stir fry long beans with roast pork (RM12). 6.5/10


Rib King-20150214-2141525

They also have a good selection of fried noodles and rice set dishes too. This is hokkien mee hoon (RM7.90). I came here for pork ribs but didn’t expect this to be good too! 8/10


Ribs King-20150319-3192178

They also have a selection of western style dishes. Here is the spaghetti with pork meat balls (RM12.90). I must say it’s a very generous portion for the price. 8/10 for the meat balls and 5/10 for the spaghetti.


Ribs King-20150319-3192168

Set meals are also available at Ribs King. Here is the rice set with the spicy butter milk sauce (RM9.90). I noticed a lot of patrons ordering the set meals during lunch. Value for money as the meat portion is quite big. 7/10

Needless to say, I will visit Ribs King again sometime soon for my next fix of pork ribs and pork chops. Just to mention, if you’re going there during lunch time, be prepared to hunt for a parking space or you can try to go there early at 11am as parking is scarce during the day. As always, thanks for reading my posts.


Restoran Ribs King

25, Jalan 20/7, Taman Paramount,

46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hrs: 11am to 10pm / Tel: 03-7865 0589


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