Red Carpet Wax Museum at i-City, Shah Alam


This road trip post is long overdue. I guess it was during the school break when I decided to plan a trip with my boys to check out the Red Carpet Wax Museum at i-City, Shah Alam. I remembered it was raining that day and it was probably the last day of the school break (original date of visit was 29th May 2014), hence there were not many people at the i-city. We had an great time there checking out the life size wax figures of famous people. Definitely a must if you are a fan of wax museum. Here are some shots of me goofing around and also pics of notable wax icons.



The red carpet stairs entrance to the museum after you buy your tickets. Tickets were a bit pricey (Rm35 for adult, Rm30 for kids) but worth it of you’re a wax museum fan. There’s also a seasonal full package ticket (where you can visit the other attractions there) and family package too. 


I-City -20140529-2439

Marilyn Monroe…


I-City 20140529-2441



I-City 20140529-2442

fun pic with Putin and Obama…Lol!


I-City 20140529-2446

Another one here…


I-City 20140529-2451

Malaysia’s founding father, Tunku Abd Rahman…


I-City 20140529-2453

The British royal wedding couple. Nice props too.


I-City 20140529-2456

Me and Napoleaon…


I-City 20140529-2458

Chairman Mao


I-City 20140529-2459



I-City 20140529-2460

Apple founder Steve Jobs


I-City 20140529-2461

HK action movie star Jet Li


I-City 20140529-2470

James Bond was there too.


I-City 20140529-2472

Funny guy Mr. Bean


I-City 20140529-2473

John Travolta… I wonder how come they didn’t make him dancing ala Saturday Night Fever. Lol!


I-City 20140529-2482

Tiger Woods


I-City 20140529-2483

Blast from the past… Michael Schumacher with his Ferarri.


I-City 20140529-2489

With NBA star Yao Ming. Wow, I wonder if that’s his actual height!


I-City 20140529-2497

Elton John


I-City 20140529-2500

The King of Pop was there too.


I-City 20140529-2504

Elvis Presley looked a bit too small and slim here. 


I-City 20140529-2507

“Real heroes don’t die…they just reload”…John Rambo! 


I-City 20140529-2510

Arnold ‘hastala vista baby’ Schwarzenegger!

We had a great time there at the Red Carpet Wax Museum. If you have kids, this is a great place to go during the weekends! All pics taken with the Nikon D5100 with kit lens and SB600 Flash (both which is now sold)


Snowalk at i-city

I-City 20140529-2548

Another honourable mention is Snowalk at i-city, Shah Alam.  It’s an indoor snow park where you can experience 5 degree temperatures. 


I-City 20140529-2555

Yours truly at the snowalk. Yes they provide jackets and gloves too (included with the ticket charge). Forgot to get the gloves, and it was super freezin’ even after 10 mins! Yikes!


I-City 20140529-2560

ice houses, bridges and slides made from ice…


I-City 20140529-2564


Red Carpet Wax Museum / Snowalk

i-City Shah Alam 

Jalan Multimedia 7/A, City Park,

i-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor


One thought on “Red Carpet Wax Museum at i-City, Shah Alam

  1. Hey, nice blog and amazing pictures of wax statues of i-city Malaysia..Do you know that India also have wax museum like this and its also popular as Red Carpet Wax Museum Which is India’ s first International and Interactive Wax Museum in Mumbai…..

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