Maxie De Mello – RIP

Maxie De Mello

RIP Maxie De Mello, musician and singer formerly with The Wheelers band from Melaka. Max was a good guitar player and had a soulful voice. I first saw him perform in the late 80’s with The Wheelers when they were performing at a hotel bar in my home town Muar. As a young lad back then, I was really inspired by his singing and he was one of my early influences to be a musician. His great rendition of Eddie Rabbit’s hits also prompted me to know and appreciate Country music. Here’s a pic of me and Max a few years later (early 90’s). I met him at the St. Paul’s Hill at Melaka where he was making a living as a busker musician. RIP Max. A good guy with a great talent. 

3 thoughts on “Maxie De Mello – RIP

  1. You mean he passed away? When? Of what? I used to give him some money whenever I went to the hill. I last saw him in mid-feb this year. If he had gone, I will really miss him.

    1. Yes Andy. He passed away in early April. Sorry I also don’t know any details. I didn’t get to see him for the past many years. He will be missed by those of us who appreciate his music and talent.

  2. Thanks for your reply. I will have to talk to his busker friend on the hill. I shall miss my conversations with him.

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