Mary Jackson & Raymond Chia at Kota Permai Golf Club 2014

(Original function event date was 27th Nov 2014)

Hey everyone, Here is  a short post of some pics of us performing at a golf function for the Carlsberg Golf Classic 2014 tournament organized by ParGolf Magazine. As you may know, we have also performed this event last year in late 2013 and we were really glad they got us again for this year’s event. This time around, the event was held at Kota Permai Golf Club, Shah Alam.


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270231

Our standard  stage set up…


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270241

snapshot of the Ibis mascots…


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270240


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270248

Mary and Ray on stage…


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270237


Kota Permai Golf Club-20141127-270238

The Carlsberg promoters chatting before the event. 





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