After Midnight Food Hunt (Part 1) – Old Klang Road

Yes the ever lovely late night supper. A favourite local pastime, especially for those like us who stayed up late past midnight due to work or leisure. Lol! Imagine this…it’s way past midnight. After a night’s out drinking or partying with your friends at a club, your stomach starts to growl, reminding you that the last time you had your meal was at 6 pm. So what do you do?? Tell your friends to come along for a late night supper of course! 

For many years, going for late night supper has been a favourite ‘past time’ for me. I love food, and in Kuala Lumpur and around Malaysia, you can find eating places way past midnight almost everywhere. But thanks to my ever increasing weight, I have to slow down on the ‘makan makan’. I still do go out after work to look for some nice food once in a while though. So, without further ado, here is a compilation of the food places I’ve visited and a series about ‘After Midnight Food Hunt ‘. In Part 1, I will feature food places along the Old Klang Road (Jalan Kelang Lama)


Peng Hwa Teochew Porridge


Peng Hwa porridge 2A081683

First stop is at Peng Hwa Teochew Porridge (non halal), a popular place for many folks at OKR (Old Klang Road) who crave for a hot bowl of porridge with assorted dishes. 


Peng Hwa porridge 2A081677

They have quite a selection of dishes to choose from and double boiled soup also available if you come early. This place opens til late, up to 5am!


Peng Hwa porridge 2A081673

Popular favourites are (clockwise from left) fried luncheon meat, stir fry brinjal, steamed minced pork, salted duck eggs and century eggs. Food here is okay 6.5/10. 


Peng Hwa porridge 2A081681

Another selection here from my next visit… steamed minced meat with salted egg and ginger, braised pork and stir fry ladies fingers. 


Peng Hwa Teochew Porridge,

No 19A, Jalan Kelang Lama

Batu 4 1/2, 58100 Kuala Lumpur



Sing Pao Dim Sum


Sing Pao Dim Sum OKR-1806

Sing Pao Dim Sum (non halal) is a really popular ‘makan’ place for night folks. You can see most of the tables occupied with patrons when you pass by this shop. This may not be the best dim sum in town, but if you’re at Old Klang Road at 2 am in the morning, this is the place to be if you want dim sum. In fact this place opens from 7pm to 6am daily. 


Sing Pao Dim Sum OKR-1797

As I have mentioned, food here is okay 7/10 and since business is brisk, you’d be glad to know that quality and freshness is assured due to the high turnover of patrons.


Sing Pao Dim Sum OKR-1803

My favourite here… fried sui kow dumpling and fried mango fritters. 8/10


Sing Pao Dim Sum

No. 16A, Jalan Kelang Lama

Batu 4 1/2, Kuala Lumpur



Restoran  Geylang Lor 9


Geylang Lor 9-20141208-080430

Fancy for some fresh frog porridge anyone? Next stop is a renown frog porridge place. They have an older outlet at SS2 Petaling Jaya. This restaurant is fairly new compare to the other two places.


Geylang Lor 9-20141207-070419

Their signature dish is of course the claypot frog with dry chilli and spring onions. 6.5/10


Geylang Lor 9-20141207-070422

Another shot of the food…


Geylang Lor 9-20141207-070427

They also serve grilled sting ray fish with sambal chilli…. just average 5/10


Restoran Geylang Lor 9,

KS-1B, Taman Evergreen, BT4,

Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur


Thanks for reading my post. Over the years, I have a huge compilation of photos of food outings after midnight. So please do come back to this page for more makan makan updates. Lol!

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