Raymond Chia at The Grand Hyatt KL

Hi everyone! I recently performed solo at a private function for a birthday party at The Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to a friend Joey who was the M.C. and deejay, he helped me take some pics and a short video of my performance there. The actual date of the event was 28th March 2015.


A very short clip of yours truly performing at a birthday party function at The Grand Hyatt KL. Sorry for the loud chatter in the background. I was also playing at a very soft volume. Thanks for watching and Cheers!


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150328-3282215

A quick pic before my gig. Pic taken by Joey.


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150328-3282198

The cocktail reception area outside the function room.


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150328-3282219

The cocktail party…lots of chatter. So I had to play my music rather soft.


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150328-3282217

Another pic at the party event…


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150329-3292225

Deejay and MC for the night was the one and only Joey. He was a veteran Deejay formerly from Radio 4, a local national radio station. I grew up listening to his radio program when I was in my teens and glad to have met him years later in Kuala Lumpur. A cool and great guy!


Function at Grand Hyatt-20150328-3282202

Another pic of Joey.



3 thoughts on “Raymond Chia at The Grand Hyatt KL

  1. Nice bro … always make it a point to go throught posts. Enjoy reading and listening to your clips that you upload. Cheers 🙂

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