Burgers Galore Part 6 – Smashies Burger

Welcome to the part 6 of my ‘Burgers Galore’ series, where I go around with my two sons to look for great burgers! This time, we decided to check out a burger place in Cheras called Smashies Burger (halal). It’s located at Cheras Sentral Mall (formerly Plaza Phoenix). This is their second branch as the first one is located in Setapak.


Rk Smashies Burger-20140901-01024

A pic of the entrance of Smashies Burger at  Basement Level, Cheras Sentral Mall. They have another outlet at Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak, which I haven’t been there yet. 


Rk Smashies Burger-20140901-01034

The interiors are nicely set up. Quite cosy and colourful. Speaking of colourful, let’s check out the burgers next!


Rk Smashies Burger-20140901-01042

Yes their bread buns are colourful too….and have peculiar names.  This ones called ‘My Mistress Name’ (RM17.99+). It’s basically red bun, with double beef patties and double cheese. Just average taste 5/10. Patties are too dry for my taste.


Rk Smashies Burger-20140901-01048

Next, we tried the ‘Happy Cow’ (RM16.99+)… Orange colour bun, single patty and cheese, beef bacon and caramelised onions. This one tasted a lil bit better. 5.5/10.


Rk Smashies Burger-20140901-01052

Our third choice, we decided to try a chicken burger. This one’s called “Pretty Patty’. Orange bun with single chicken patty and cheese, with a fried egg and a piece of hash brown. Also 5/10 average. 


Overall I really like the place and the nice set up… but unfortunately their burgers only looked great. I wished their burgers tasted better as the location has good potential. I guess my tasted-buds differ from others as some folks rave and rant about it. 


Smashies Burger

700-B-13, Basement Level,

Cheras Sentral Mall (Plaza Phoenix),

Jalan Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.  

10am – 10pm daily


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