Burgers Galore Part 7 – German Deli Imbiss

(Just a small update… Unfortunately German Deli Imbiss has already closed their business at Ampang from September 2015 onwards and plans to relocate somewhere at Shah Alam soon)

Whoa another back to back Burger post?? Yes folks, I’m back with a new post about me and my sons’ quest for good burgers.  Actually, this post should be my Part 1, since I’ve been frequently going to this outlet to dine for many years. It’s also because it took me a while to compile all the photos from my hard drives. So, what you see here is a compilation of photos I took over the years. German Deli Imbiss is my two sons’ first visit to a speciality burger outlet. So this post meant a lot to me, as I have fond memories of me and my kids going to this place and spending many good ‘makan’ time with them. 🙂


German Deli IMG_5261

German Deli Imbiss (halal) is located at a Petronas Service Station at Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama, Ampang Jaya. This outlet actually pre dates the gourmet burger outlets that has been mushrooming around the city since the last few years. The earliest photos here are from 2012, but I guess this place probably been around since 2009.


German Deli IMG_5267

A bright and clean environment. Looks like a burger fast food joint. Some of the fixtures here are color coded to the German flag!


German Deli-1787

This is one of their standard burgers, called Mushroom Wiggy.  The serving portion is quite generous. So one burger is more than enough to fill your tummy. 6/10


German Deli DSC02562

This is the XXL Wiggy, a huge double patty burger for the big eater (like me). I usually order this and just eat the meat and skip the bread. 6/10


German Deli IMG_5291

Now if you think the previous one is huge, check this out! It’s the MegaTon 500 Wiggy!! Yes folks there’s 500 grammes of beef here. If you’re a super huge guy like some of my musician friends, then this one will satisfy you. Lol! We order this only once, just to try it out and to share with my kids. Since it’s such a huge patty, the meat is quite dry but taste ok lah. Not great 5/10


German Deli IMG_5297-001

Just a demo to show you how big it was…here is my son Kiran holding it up for a quick pic. 🙂


German Deli IMG_5299

The Megaton 500 Wiggy sliced into four pieces. 


German Deli IMG_9276

Besides burgers, they also have a variety of German style sausages. This one is the Beef Hotbock. Comes with mash and sauerkraut. 5/10


German Deli IMG_9274

Another notable mention is the grilled beef sandwich. 6/10


German Deli-20141206-060379

Imbiss Club… their own version of club sandwich is also not bad. 6/10


German Deli IMG_9270

There’s also the Bavarian Meatloaf Wiggy (called BMW)…. 3/10


German Deli IMG_9279

…or just the meatloaf with egg and mash. 5/10


German Deli DSC02555

They also have a few pasta dishes. Here is the standard beef bolognese. 6/10


German Deli-20141206-060374

Also not forgetting their roast chicken with mash and salad. 5/10


Overall the food here is quite average and I have no complains about the food quality. The only problem is that they recently raised their food menu prices up about 30% (possibly due to the weak Ringgit and high operational costs).  This place used to be quite reasonable for me but because of the new steep prices, I would eventually check out other places that offer better food for the money.


German Deli Imbiss

Petronas Station,

Jalan Kolam Air Lama,

68000 Ampang, Selangor.

12pm to 9pm


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