About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am a musician from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Music has been a part of my life ever since I was young. Besides being a solo pub musician, I am also part of ‘Big Game‘ (which we have recorded an album called “Social Animals‘), with ‘The Union‘ (an 80’s music tribute cover band) and also perform gigs and show with numerous musician friends. 

I also have great passion for photography. Thanks to the advent of digital DSLRs, I am able to pursue my hobby extensively. I am also currently doing part-time camera sales via my brother who has a business in digital camera sales (online retail) called ASIAGADGET.

The main purpose of this site to basically document my life’s journey, which includes my music, my time with my two sons, my passion for photography, my fondness for street foods, my road trip adventures and my dream to travel. With this site, I hope that one day when I am gone, my sons and my loved ones can access these pages to know about me, my music and photography, and to look back to the wonderful journeys we have shared.

Hope you will enjoy visiting my page as I update you with my blogs, music and photos. Cheers!

To read more about my music, please check out my Music page here.

To read more about my photography, please check out my Photography page here.

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